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Electrical Properties of Light Emitting Diode Preparation From FTO/CdSe (MPA)/ZnO Artificial Atoms Emitting White Color


  • Department of Physics, Aleppo University, Syrian Arab Republic


Objective: To design Light Emitting Diode (LED) based on artificial atoms quantum confinement effect using spin coating method and to study its electrical properties to determine emission wavelength and emit color of this LED.

Methods: This LED was prepared using spin coating and all layers were prepared by chemical method. By using Keitithley (28775) Current-voltage characteristic was carried out at room temperature in direct and reverse bias,C-Vcharacteristic measurements was carried out using RLC meter (6379) at 100 Hz Frequency. Tunneling conductance spectra was measured also using RLC meter.AC measurement (impedance spectra) was carried out using Gain Phase Analyzer (Schlumberger-SI1253). A complex impedance Spectrum was in a frequency range (1-20000HZ) and at constant voltage (V=5V).

Finding: FTO micro Slide with low resistance (10-13Ω) using hot spray, CdSe (MPA) was prepared using chemical method and ZnO was prepared using sol-gel method. I-V characteristic was used to determine ideal factor (which was 18) and reverse current (0.44 mA). C-V spectra shows multi high barrier in this structure due to quantum confinement effect. Electronic transition in tunneling conductance spectra are indicated with electronic transition in absorption and PL spectra. Impedance spectra confirm the quantum size effect in layers of LEDs and interpret white color emission.

Improvement: We can enhance performance of this LED by adding active layer of artificial atoms acting as hole transporting layer to increase emitting green and red color, which enhances the intensity of white color clearly.


CdSe, Artificial Atoms, Led, Electrical Properties, Tunneling Conductance Spectra.

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